A Mom For Good

Finding the Good Things In Life

About Me: Wendy Rafferty

I am, first and foremost, the mother of three of the most amazing children. Growing up close-knit and small town, I learned early that family comes first. Life offers so much joy and love; the opportunity to dream, and the passion to pursue those dreams. Throughout the journey, life also offers the unexpected. At 18 months my youngest son was diagnosed with Autism. Surely, as any parents would, I grieved for the “normal” life that was not offered to him. However, he possess the ability to view the world as mostly good, in all it’s beauty and wonderment. I soon realized that I had received the most amazing gift, in the most unsuspecting wrappings.

Soon after my oldest son was born, I was divorced. Suddenly a single parent, young, and without a college education. I joined the United States Army Reserves and served for 8 years with the hope of making a better life for my son. Honestly, it was the most frightening and sound decision I had ever made. Soon I was hired as a local firefighter/paramedic. The department paid for my education, and I served the community for 15 years. I then remarried, and had my second and third children. Doors were closing in regards to career advancement. As one door closed another opened, and I was accepted into the first graduating class for the paramedic to RN program. Ultimately, I was working as an ER nurse at the local pediatric hospital. A college graduate.

During school I began to have random health issues. Two years after graduating I was diagnosed with a destructive autoimmune disorder,  which eventually stole my ability to work as a firefighter or nurse. Initially, and again I grieved; deeply. After a long period of adjustment, I opened my eyes not to what I lost but what I gained. I now have a front row seat to watch my children grow, where I had once missed so much.

Sitting on the swings on my elementary school playground, I dreamed of being a writer, a journalist. I had a small notepad, would interview students, take notes, and share my articles. The dream to write, to tell a story, and to share others stories has come full circle. As I sit here writing my Bio for my blog in its infancy, though unexpected and unsuspecting, I understand why it took so long to arrive.

I firmly believe that we are all meant to realize our journey. That like my son, we have to see the good in life, and the beauty in all things even in the face of adversity. Now that I am finally here, I hope to inspire wonderment, support the positive, and share the journey with you.

Let’s get going!

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